How to Tell If Gold Bullion Is Real

When you are buying gold bullion, you might wonder about whether it is real or not. It is a very common worry since in many cases, it is fake. If that’s your case, you might need to contact the ones who sold it to you.

Read the article until the end and find out whether or not your gold bullion is real with several tips. You can perform many of the tests at home, so don’t worry about going out of your way to do it!

Gold Bullion Tests 

There are several ways to know if your gold bullion is real or not. You can try the following tests. Then, you can determine if your bar is legitimate. 


A quick and easy way to tell if your gold bullion is real is to drag the bar over a ceramic plate. If it’s fake, it might leave a black mark.

Only real gold bullion bars leave a gold mark behind once you drag it over ceramic. Thus, it’s something you can try out at home.


The nitric acid test is much more difficult than the ceramic one, mainly because you risk damaging the metal unless it’s real gold.

If you have real gold, you can pour nitric acid on it, and it does not suffer any damages. When you look for the acid, you might notice that there are different options available for various carats, so that is also a way to know if your bar is as pure as it is supposed to be.

Weight and Size 

The weight and size test works very well when you need to determine if your gold bullion is real or not. 

All you need to do is measure your coins or bar, and weigh them. Each bullion has specific references, which help you determine if they are made of pure gold or not.

Therefore, you might find discrepancies between the weight and size you find, and the one the bullion is supposed to have. In that case, your gold might not be real.


Gold is not like other metals. Therefore, if you try picking it up with a magnet and succeed, it means it contains other materials.

You can’t pick legitimate gold bullion if you use a magnet. The test is simple, and you can try it out at home with no further issues.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Having questions about your gold bullion is very common. Take a look at the following ones, and take advantage of the information you get:

Does Fake Gold Bullion Exist? 

Yes, it does. In many cases, your bullion might have gold in it, but it may also contain other metals, which means it is not as it claims to be.

What Should I Do If My Gold Bullion Is Fake? 

Reputable companies offer you different options. Therefore, you could contact them and try to solve the issue. 

Keynote Takeaways

Buying gold bullion is an excellent idea, but you have to make sure that it’s real. Fortunately, there are several tests you can try at home, and if you have any issues, you should try to contact the place where you bought it.