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Gold Investment

When making a gold investment, it is important to know what to buy and how. One of the best types of gold you can buy is either gold bullion or gold coins. There is also a healthy market for gold nuggets – particularly here in Australia. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you decide to invest in gold coins then buy in large quantity. Buying in small amounts will result in higher cost. When buying gold coins, note that the price will largely depend on 4 things: international price of gold, packaging, profit margin of the mint, and the certificate of authenticity it comes with.

Gold comes in different types, weights and sizes. You can buy it in gold bullion bars; ingots; coins and nuggets. Bars are generally more heavy and bulkier. Coins are smaller, obviously, and are purchased more often by individual investors and collectors. There are many variations of gold bullion. Some can be purchased in weight as low as one gram for only a few dollars. Others come in ten ounces, hundred ounces, and thousand kilos. The more traditional weight is four hundred ounces. This is the gold bullion bars that large companies traditionally use.

Price to a large extent will depend on purity which varies from issue to issue. Three nines purity is very common, 99.9%. The most pure mass-produced gold bullion coins are the series “Canadian Gold Maple Leaf”, which can go as high as 99.999% purity. This is the highest purity as 100% purity is not possible to achieve.

One of the best places to purchase all types of gold is at The Perth Mint. They have an incredible inventory, and gold products to suit all budgets.